Growing to scale 21c Museum Hotels

Over the past nine years, the Relay team has helped 21c Museum Hotels grow while maintaining brand integrity. We’ve served as creative partners with their marketing team, providing design and technology services helping them adapt to new technologies, trends and markets.

Adapting to rapid growth

When a company grows rapidly, it can be a challenge to maintain consistency in branding efforts. The team at Relay helped 21c Museum Hotels maintain the integrity of their brand while expanding from one location to seven. As 21c's in-house capabilities have grown, our role has shifted to include providing more standards, templates and tools that 21c staff can edit directly, as well as providing full-service design and technology capabilities.

Digital drives revenue

For any hospitality business, a well-designed and user-friendly website is vital to revenue, as hotels now have to compete with discounted or commission-based travel websites for bookings. The Relay team did extensive user testing and design research prior to creating the design for the new website to ensure it met customers' expectations and increased the ease of booking direct. 21c now enjoys a higher-than-average rate of direct bookings compared to the industry average.

A family of distinctive brands

21c Museum Hotels is more than just a hotel and museum – each location also features a distinctive restaurant that incorporates local flavors and design elements. The Relay team worked with 21c's marketing and food and beverage teams to create unique identities that reflects the local influences of the menus and interiors. Each restaurant brand is unique, but they're all part of the 21c family.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Logo and Identity System Design
  • Print Collateral Design
  • Advertising
  • Website Design & Development
  • Intranet Design & Development
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Signage & Wayfinding
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